Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: The will to change

It's estimated that without vaccines, the United States would have experienced approximately 1.1 million additional Covid-19 deaths. / The Commonwealth Fund

New CDC data show where Covid deaths have been higher than publicly reported. / Muckrock

An Omnicron surge in the US is likely, given the variant's rapid replication rate. Some thoughts on what to do if you test positive while traveling this month. / Twitter, The New York Times 

Helen Branswell: Will we always need Covid-19 boosters? Experts have theories. / STAT

As the overdose crisis continues, access to medications used to treat opioid addiction is hindered by bureaucracy and stigma. / VICE

Texas and other states are cracking down on abortion pills, though the FDA could lift some restrictions. / Axios, NPR

More than half of European countries prohibit access to assisted reproduction for lesbians. Almost a third do so for single women. / Civio

bell hooks dies at 69. "Like all great mysteries, we are all mysteriously called to love no matter the conditions of our lives." / The Lexington Herald Leader

A post-cancellation profile of Alison Roman by Lauren Collins. / The New Yorker

A pair of New York art shows celebrate courage and innocence in the African diaspora. / Artsy

Here are some of the 50 acrylic turntables with integral LEDs made by Brian Eno and London's Paul Stolper gallery. / Paul Stolper

Pittsburgh is going dark sky compliant, i.e., switching to LED lights. / Bloomberg CityLab

Aesthetic predictions for 2022 from "Tiktok's trend forecasters" include "indie sleaze" and "balletcore." / Nylon

Sotheby's sold $7.7 billion in art in 2021, a new record. / The Wall Street Journal

Labor shortages as experienced by Scrooge & Marley. "U work Christmas, imma line up cool perks like turkey thursdays in new year." / McSweeney's Internet Tendency