Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: The wind of the whistles.

The Trump administration wants to reverse a 2010 regulation and extend the collection of DNA samples of undocumented immigrants to those who are not detained on criminal charges or who are awaiting deportation.

After experiencing chest discomfort on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders received two stents to ease a blocked artery.

Amber Guyger, the former Dallas police officer who shot and killed her neighbor after mistaking his apartment for hers, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

A whistleblower complaint filed in July alleges "inappropriate efforts to influence" the IRS audit of Trump's and Pence's taxes.

How a junkie whistleblower got the FBI a cache of Deutsche Bank documents hinges on Moby's friendship with Adam Schiff.

Even if you think you know what happened, you may not know how or why. The true story of Jamal Khashoggi's murder.

Google announces new privacy tools for users to control and remove their data.

Related: "How much do you want to bet they don’t even use your history from over three months ago for ad targeting?"

Hospitals in Alabama and Australia hit with ransomware attacks have been hindered to the point that they're turning away patients.

It might push traffic to a different platform, like the telephone, which might not be able to handle that influx. Experts weigh in on what it would take to shut down the entire internet, and potential outcomes if it were to happen.

As Facebook's user base has shifted to less-educated Republican boomers, the site's "I voted" button could benefit Trump in 2020.

Most famously, police discovered pages torn from The Turner Diaries in a baggie in Timothy McVeigh’s car at the time of his arrest for the 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City. The apocalyptic novels that fuel far-right ideologues.

For US high schoolers, cigarettes were replaced by e-cigarettes. New vaping restrictions may reverse that trend.

Must experience: Matt Huynh's interactive comic about growing up among Vietnam War refugees in Australia’s heroin capital.

How a highly inaccurate drawing of a mammoth spurred 19th-century naturalists to find the real thing.

Mapping major cities' street suffixes hints at the order and chaos of city planning.

Kim Shattuck of punk-rock band the Muffs has died at 56 from ALS.

On Tuesday, Kanye West's new album briefly hit iTunes as a set of ringtones—then quickly disappeared.

Chorus within the first 30 seconds. No weird self-indulgent intro… Hook at the top in the intro, maybe even start with the chorus, under three minutes. Charlie XCX explains how to write a pop hit for the streaming age.

TMN contributor and former rock star Laurie Linden is leading a memoirist's retreat in January.

A tag cloud of the artists most referenced in positive and negative Pitchfork reviews.

Photos from New Zealand's 2019 World of WearableArt design competition.