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Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: Thirtysomething and something else.

The Trump administration significantly loosens restrictions on methane emissions. Even major oil and gas companies oppose the move.

Russia and China move to exploit the Arctic as the climate crisis opens up “a whole new ocean.”

Nicholas Kristof: Seattle has done an outstanding job halting the war on drugs, but struggles to fund the war on addiction.

The Sackler family offers to file Purdue Pharma for bankruptcy in order to pay out $10-12 billion in opioid settlements.

"Excessive wealth disorder" refers to a recent syndrome in which the ungodly rich beg to be taxed more.

Sen. Gillibrand drops out of the field for the presidential race.

Facebook tightens its rules for US political advertisers. The Trump campaign immediately complains.

To build his border wall before the election, Trump’s been telling subordinates that he’ll pardon them if they break any laws to get it done.

Of 1,200 popular films released between 2007 and 2018, just 4.5% of over 47,000 speaking or named roles went to Latino actors.

TMN’s Rosecrans Baldwin follows an actress around Hollywood for over a year to see what’s required to “make it” in 2019—if you’re gay, female, and thirtysomething.

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When world leaders’ spouses follow them to summits, it suggests they don’t have important business of their own.

Reddit founder and Serena Williams’s husband trolled Maria Sharapova by wearing a D.A.R.E. shirt to their match.

Harry Styles spent his 25th birthday sitting alone in a Tokyo cafe, reading Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

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Yesterday we wrapped up Camp ToB with a final discussion of the “African Game of Thrones,” Black Leopard, Red Wolf.

A newsletter pays tribute to Lana Del Ray as a solution to heartbreak.

Gen Z and millennials are said to be more comfortable with death because the Earth they inherited is dying, too.

“Is my Millennial co-worker a narcissist, or am I a jealous jerk?” The New York Times’s “work friend” responds.

Many products fail to appeal to older customers because designers assume that people over 60 don't care about aesthetics.

Nissan creates a self-driving golf ball that finds the hole every time.

“Being outdoors is similar to a reset button—I can feel the tension build when I’m away too long.” Landscapes by Ariel Lee.