Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: This is water.

Garland has told Justice Dept. employees that prosecutors remain "committed to holding all Jan. 6 perpetrators, at any level, accountable under law." / Associated Press

One year after Jan. 6, here are the numbers on where the legal efforts stand. / BuzzFeed News

In unrest sparked by rising gas prices in Kazakhstan, dozens of protestors and 12 members of security forces have been killed. / BBC

A visual database of every mass shooting in the US since 2014. / The Guardian

See also: "It is absolutely a crisis." Why more American children are dying by gunfire. / The New York Times

A small study suggests Covid rapid tests do in fact work for Omicron, but not always in the early days of infection—when people are more likely to transmit the virus. / STAT

Mexico expected births to rise during the pandemic, but the reality has been quite the opposite: an 11% drop in newborns. / The Washington Post

After Novak Djokovic received a vaccine exemption to compete in the Australian Open, the Australian Border Force disagreed, and he has been asked to leave the country. / ESPN, the Age

A magic bus, "wild bisons," and the pricey IncellDX protocol that some claim can treat the causes of long-haul Covid. / Mother Jones

Bleak, but here we go: Flood-prone nations are looking to floating homes as a way to withstand climate change. / Yale Environment 360

Probably unrelated: People are building LIDAR-equipped, mobile aquariums that their fish can "drive." / The Verge

Researchers have created a dental retainer that enables texting-by-tongue, and that could eventually aid people with movement disorders. / BuzzFeed News

See also: A wearable digital display that displays speech-to-text in real time. / @_phzn

By ignoring Fearless Girl sculptor Kristen Visbal's opinions, New York City has upended the relationship between cities and public art. / Hyperallergic 

Female filmmakers lost ground in Hollywood in 2021; behind the scenes, three of every four top filmmaking jobs go to a man. / LAist

An annual survey of the best old films gets updated for 1931. "By this point, Ozu has mastered balancing comedy and pathos." / David Bordwell's website on cinema

A study predicts who's most likely to get injured in the wilderness—and it's not older people. / Backpacker Magazine

Famed mountaineer Conrad Anker tells the stories behind some of his least/most valuable watches. / Hodinkee

"It's like, how can we summarize this couple?" The burgeoning business of creating wedding hashtags. / The Wall Street Journal