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Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: This space is getting hot.

President Trump thanks Kim Jong Un for releasing three Americans detained in North Korea. Here's how it happened and what it means.

Michael Cohen made more than $2 million "working as a Trump whisperer." He's not the only one.

A black student at Yale took a nap in a common room. A white student called the cops. Related: "Dear white women, please stop calling the cops on black people."

Trump made big promises to coal country. Those pledges, like coal-mining itself, appear to be short-lived.

Clarence Thomas's wife is known for extreme views and conspiracy-mongering—and possibly ethical violations.

Humanity faces real danger and needs to shrink carbon emissions immediately. Here's how, with no bullshit.

Almost 1,000 gyms, 376 pools, 456 cinemas, 381 wine stores and cellars and 115 staff rooms, including bedrooms for nannies and au pairs, were found in the plans for the basements approved by seven London boroughs between 2008 and 2017. Wealthy London residents keep their trappings underground.

In many major cities, it's possible to get cocaine delivered to your home faster than pizza.

Why the Tenderloin hasn't gentrified like most San Francisco neighborhoods: to start, few homes in the area attract "the gentry."

An encampment of homeless Warriors fans has settled next to the team’s headquarters and training facility.

How do you define the so-called “California Cuisine?” It’s whatever an immigrant mother makes.

People with lots of "science curiosity" are more willing to consume news that's not in line with their politics.

Ti leaves in Hawaii are thought of as a plant that offers protection, even against asphalt-munching lava flows.

The authors of the most-cited paper on Wikipedia—a map cited over 2.8 million times—had no idea they're so popular.

Public health campaign against arsenic-tainted wallpapers—once common—involved mailing poisonous books to libraries.

For years Wikipedia couldn’t decide who to picture on the Homo sapiens entry. Here’s how consensus emerged.

If you haven’t seen enough post-Met Gala preening, check these photos of peerlessly-primped poultry.

A considerate essay responds to fans who mocked a pitcher for punching himself in the face after a bad pitch.

The first black man to summit Everest, currently waiting to go up a third time, calls for more black mountaineers.

Documentary short: How do our memories change now that every moment is documented?