Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: Time is tissue.

House Speaker Pelosi asks President Trump to postpone his State of the Union address, currently slated for January 29.

Aides want Trump to use the speech to move public opinion to his side. Privately, Trump’s expressing frustration.

A suicide bombing claimed by the Islamic State kills at least 16 in Syria, including four Americans.

The 20-hour siege of a Nairobi hotel concludes with at least 21 people dead.

"As E.M.T.s say, time is tissue." Another crisis facing rural America: a shortage of ambulance drivers.

The United States makes more cheese than it can sell. This year the surplus grew to 900,000 cubic yards.

Harvesting dead animals from the highway is common practice in Alaska. Can roadkill be rebranded for the lower 48?

Changes in communication technologies follow a "universal decay function"—which explains how society is forgetting John Lennon.

McDonald's loses its Big Mac trademark after a legal battle with the Irish fast-food chain Supermac.

"All the porn went to VHS, and the rest is history." A list of products that flopped because they arrived at the wrong time.

A list of movies, albums, and other entertainment products that were affected by the September 11 attacks.

Video: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin explain how they shot Alex Honnold’s death-defying free solo climb of El Capitan.

An illustrated edition of Euclid’s Elements from 1847 gets updated for the web.

The former editor of the Economist admits he knows nothing whatsoever about science. He sets out to learn at age 70.

Kirie (切り絵) is the Japanese art of cutting paper. Masayo Fukuda's work is so precise it looks like fine pen drawings.

Some extra visual art for your Thursday: New paintings by Karla Marchesi, and some pictures by Southern photographer Amanda Driggers.

For Gauguin, he had the moral luck to be an excellent painter, so everyone forgives him. They say, “How wonderful that he did what he needed to do to make this extraordinary art.” What if he had been a terrible painter? Profile writer Larissa MacFarquhar on “moral luck” and the individual thinking behind extreme altruism.

In praise of Cardi B from the perspective of the great Dominican exodus and its mythologies.