Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: TOSS A CHURCH ON ME.

Michael Cohen, Trump's former personal attorney, has separated from his lawyers and may be ready to cooperate with federal investigators.

Anticipating Cohen's possible flip, Trump's team has already begun rolling out a smear campaign against him.

It's Donald Trump's birthday. Today he becomes the second US president to turn 72 while in office—as well as the world's oldest current elected leader.

On a "tightly controlled" media tour, a look inside the migrant children's facility housed in a former Walmart in south Texas, where detainees line up for lunch in front of a mural of Donald Trump.

"The rate at which Antarctica is losing ice has tripled since 2007."

Carbon removal technologies are overhyped to the point of danger—why take real action if emissions are reversible?

Removing preexisting condition protections may undo the ACA's central promise of making health care affordable.

Very incorrect solutions to Wheel of Fortune puzzles.

Just months after unanimously passing the "Amazon tax," Seattle politicians say they may repeal it.

A Midwestern woman narrates how she came to politics—and the Left—during unemployment.

In preparation for the World Cup, Russian workers have received coaching on how to smile—in order to combat a dour stereotype.

There was, indeed, a literature in hiding then, including poems whose manuscripts were destroyed almost as soon as they were written, committed to memory until a time when they could be made public. Orwell: Writing requires freedom; case in point: Few notable works emerged from Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia.

The 2018 Rooster Summer Reading Challenge continues with the second half of Tomb Song by Julián Herbert.

I said something like, “Remember how we always talked about how, if we ever had the chance to ethically eat human meat, would you do it? Well, I’m calling you on that. We doing this or what?” After a motorcycle accident, a man asks his friends to eat his amputated leg with him.

From punk to hip-hop to classic rock, a historical analysis of music in skateboarding videos.

Just 76 of the 1,445 classical concerts in major orchestras' 2018-19 schedules include work by a female composer.

Photos of remote landscapes inhabited only by mysterious puffs of smoke, by Isabelle Chapuis and Alexis Pichot.

Things have harmonics, and if you’re true to an idea as much as you can be, then the harmonics will be there and they’ll be truthful even though they may be abstract. Excerpts from David Lynch’s autobiography include whether your Twin Peaks theory is any more right than his.

Spare, calming photos by Marietta Varga of her hometown in Hungary.