Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Trick or tweet.

After hearing the White House's top Ukraine adviser's concerns about Trump's Ukraine call, the national security legal adviser broke protocol by moving the transcript to a highly classified server.

Responding to an invitation to voluntarily testify at the House impeachment inquiry, Bolton's lawyer says his client will need to be subpoenaed instead.

Ahead of the 2020 election, Twitter bans all political advertising, calling out Facebook for accepting political ads intended to mislead.

ProPublica's president: "Now comes the news tab, which, I believe, is intended to lull and perhaps in a few cases influence many larger news outlets, while—ultimately much more importantly—ghettoizing news on Facebook altogether."

The amount of time Americans spend on Facebook dropped 26% between 2017 and 2019.

Wikipedia furthers its war against disinformation by hooking up with the Internet Archive's massive book digitization effort.

In a poll, social media is the top reason for why adults purchase Halloween costumes now.

If you still need a costume but don’t have any money, we have some ideas.

Diagnosed with bone cancer at an early age, Josh Sundquist had his left leg amputated. Now he’s known for making Halloween costumes that emphasize his missing limb.

One way landlords are dealing with the retail apocalypse at Halloween: turning empty spaces into haunted houses.

Paintings of very large tardigrades in various states of being grown, cleaned, and prepared for dinner, by Beau White.

"There is a fact familiar to anyone who works with the dead." So begins China Mieville's "The Design," now a free audiobook.

From the archives: When dementia gets its grip on a father who always loved slasher movies, a daughter struggles to hold on—if only to the ghost of recognition.

See also: Halloween’s true character, as a day to remember the dead, can still sneak up on you.

A series of charts predicts the future of American politics, which looks less white and less Republican.

A 100-year study finds lasting democratic gains come from working-class participation in mass movements.

It's true that one in six Millennials may have $100K in savings—depending on how you define "savings" and "Millennials."

The NCAA has announced it will reverse a rule that prevented student-athletes from making money off their names and images.

The Washington Nationals won the World Series last night in Houston, becoming the first team in major league history to do so with four road wins.

New calculations show rising seas could affect three times as many people by 2050 than previously thought.

"Half our customers are drunk...who the fuck is going to notice?" A lawsuit alleges Juul knowingly shipped contaminated pods.

In a pan of Peter Luger, critic Pete Wells wonders if the famous steakhouse was always so bad.

Why America needs to evolve away from tipping: How much someone tips often has little to do with the quality of the service.

Long before he was a Tory MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg acted in experimental films made by his socialist aunt.

A paroled man documents his electronically monitored life.

“Those stories are often not really stories—they are ways of performing their relationship to power.” Alexander Chee advises novelists on how they might think about writing about people who don’t look like them.

The popular jokes that _____________ is just _____________ for _____________ are often funny, yet rarely meaningful.

A pleasing GPS map animation by a cyclist who rode every street in central London.

Visualizing the closeness of relationships based on chat frequency.