Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: Trump is flailing.

President Trump abandoned his policy of removing migrant children from their parents’ care.

The White House changed its story no fewer than 14 times before ending its border policy.

“If kids don’t eat in peace, you don’t eat in peace.” Protesters confronted the Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen at a Mexican restaurant in D.C.

The making of a moral problem: How everyone in America suddenly began talking about Trump’s family-separation policy.

Why keeping families together in immigration detention could make it extremely difficult to honor due process for people seeking asylum.

It sure looks like Border Patrol uses anti-terror passenger databases to track journalists.

Video: A 25-minute documentary shows the reunion of relatives divided by the Cold War on two small islands in the Bering Strait.

In Germany, less than half of internet users also use social media. In Jordan, it's 94%.

German researchers simulated the entire World Cup 100,000 times. Guess who's the likely winner? (Germany.)

Japanese and Senegalese fans showed class in picking up their trash after recent World Cup matches.

Celebrating their win over South Korea, Swedish fans drained a Russian city of its beer.

Burger King apologizes for offering cash and a lifetime of free Whoppers to any Russian women who sleep with visiting World Cup players (with hopes of getting pregnant and improving Russia’s team).

New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern is the first world leader to have a baby while in office in nearly three decades.

OneTaste, the female-orgasm wellness company, appears to be a pyramid scheme of culty sexual servitude.

How many people do you need to push an idea from the fringes of the culture into the mainstream? Approximately twenty-five percent of society.

The white supremacist who organized Charlottesville gets approval to mark the deadly rally’s anniversary with a “White Civil Rights” event near the White House.

Canada passed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana. It’ll become only the second country, after Uruguay, to formally legalize the drug.

The Russia investigation isn’t losing traction among Americans—it’s just becoming more polarizing. That was likely inevitable.

User experience experts argue that voter guides could be much more useful—e.g., with maps of early polling places.

The Tournament of Books’ Summer Reading Challenge just cracked open An American Marriage, with novelist Laura van den Berg. Come join in the fun! Also, check out new beach swag.

New avocados in Midwest Costco stores have an invisible, plant-based film that doubles shelf-life.

We seem to have stumbled into the worst model of parenting imaginable—always present physically, thereby blocking children’s autonomy, yet only fitfully present emotionally. Parents and children are both suffering from adults always staring at their screens.