It's Them Headlines You Love

Thursday headlines: Two codes max.

Since the Parkland massacre one year ago, there's basically been another Parkland every five days.

"Most gun stores face no legal requirements to secure the weapons they sell." How to rob gun stores: an illustrated journey.

A federal judge rules that Paul Manafort lied about his doings with an alleged Russian operative even after agreeing to cooperate with the Mueller investigation.

A report from the business wars inside "the big five" who control New York City's portable toilets.

Red flag for the economy: A record seven million Americans are three months behind on their car payments.

The House and Senate move to vote on the government-funding compromise. Trump hasn’t said yet if he’ll sign.

A strange, disturbing story wherein a “private Mossad” gets involved in an election for a local hospital board.

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A new database shows the "overwhelming scale" of spying on left-wing and progressive groups in the UK.

“When you gaze into Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch, it also gazes into you.”

A judge says luxury apartment owners in London who suffer their privacy being invaded by a Tate Modern viewing platform should stop whining.

"Foot Traffic," a photo series about people on the streets of New York.

Artist Doug Aitken moves his mirrored house to the Swiss Alps.

See also: “The Mirrorworld doesn’t yet fully exist, but it is coming.” (In the meantime we have a neon orange monolith.)

For adults who like coloring books, 113 institutions around the world share free printable pages from their catalogs.

Dataset of the week: All 889 obstacles in the first 10 seasons of American Ninja Warrior.

The College Board now believes students need to know "two codes"—computer science and the US Constitution.

"Fiery rhetoric and identity politics will rule the day." Our politics have become Twitter politics, and they've barely begun.

An Amazon Dash-like button is now available for men and women who don’t enjoy telling their partner they’d like to have sex.

Why do people happily pay $50 or more for a fancy thermos? Status.

Musician Ryan Adams stands accused by many women of emotional and verbal abuse and harassment—plus some creepy sexting with teenagers.

An interview with rapper and actress Junglepussy on what it was like to grow up with immigrant parents.