Uganda declares the end of its latest Ebola epidemic after four months and dozens of people killed. / Reuters

Some trends that will shape urban Africa in 2023: Gentrification, increased focus on emerging cities, confronting flooding. / This Week in Africa

Venice's lagoon contains an estimated 2,000 abandoned vessels. / The Guardian

The most powerful Uber driver in India has become "a quasi-celebrity as a gig industry organizer." / rest of world

Research indicates that PR created on behalf of oil and gas groups has directly contributed to some of the most significant climate policy defeats in American politics. / Heated

A journalist spends a day trying not to use or touch anything plastic. / The New York Times

Unrelated: The American Dialect Society chooses -ussy (and the related ussification) as 2022's word of the year. / Fritinancy

President Biden puts his name on an op-ed calling for Democrats and Republicans to unite against Big Tech. / CNBC

Scammers appear to be targeting laid-off tech workers with fake job opportunities. / The Wall Street Journal

Tokyo apartments with no showers attract young minimalists who like to socialize at public bathhouses. / Nikkei Asia

"I am moved by what remains of the trees, how they outlast time and changing conditions." Thoughts about winter from a prisoner serving a life sentence. / Atmos

See also: Ten conversations about daydreaming. / Astra

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