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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: We are all space rocks.

Fauci says even though the pandemic is still active, we may now have entered a "transition phase" that may hopefully lead to fewer disruptions. / CNN

Moderna has asked the FDA to authorize the first Covid vaccine manufactured for children under the age of six. / NPR

Russia halts gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria—reportedly for failing to pay in rubles—in a move the EU says is actually "blackmail." / Reuters

The New York Court of Appeals strikes down state Democrats' redistricting map, ruling the proposed changes are a partisan gerrymander. / FiveThirtyEight

According to a new report, Harvard had "extensive financial ties" to slavery, and faculty and staff enslaved more than 70 people. / The Harvard Crimson

In a surprise finding, cell mitochondria in eyes also act as tiny lenses, suggesting mammalian and arthropod eyes work similarly. / Quanta Magazine

Related/unrelated: "Why bugs are the high-protein and fiber-rich food you should be eating." / BuzzFeed News

Meteorites may have first delivered the essential building blocks of DNA to Earth. / Space

See also: "Some planets may emit a scream-like blast of cosmic radio waves as they crumble out of existence." / Futurism

An interactive globe shows you where any city was located millions of years ago. / Ancient Earth

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New energy-efficiency standards adopted by the Biden administration signal the end for the sale of new incandescent light bulbs. / CNBC

Internal documents show Facebook engineers aren't entirely sure how its systems use or store your data. / Motherboard

By tweeting disparaging comments about Twitter employees on Tuesday, Musk has already broken the terms of the purchase. / Quartz

Elizabeth Spiers: Elon Musk sees Twitter's content moderation as an obstacle, but it may be what's keeping the platform alive. / The New York Times

Spotify user growth didn't appear to slow down as a result of the Joe Rogan controversy. / The Verge

Watch: From 2019, Carl Cheng's Tar Pool Project invites the viewer to observe the wonderfully calming phenomenon of dripping tar. / The Morning News

See also: A survey covering decades of Cheng's work is now on display at LA's Philip Martin gallery. / Hyperallergic

"It is archival quality. It is future proof. It is one of one." T Bone Burnett touts his new audio format, the Ionic Original. / Stereogum

"Godfather of techno" and former Tangerine Dream member Klaus Schulze has died at 74. / Pitchfork