Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: What, me cassowary?

"Today's actions are already writing the opening chapters of the next pandemic's history." We're already not doing enough to prepare for whatever's next. / The Atlantic

YouTube says it's extending its ban on Covid vaccine misinformation to cover many more vaccines. / NPR

According to hacked data, the right-wing group founded last year to promote pro-Trump doctors has made millions through a coordinated misinformation network. / The Intercept

We want to believe that science is above politics, yet history has shown science is nearly always a tool of political agendas. / The MIT Press Reader

A DNA study of autistic people has been halted over not addressing concerns about why participants should share genetic data. / Nature

At best, corporate "values" are meaningless CEO talking points. At worst, they're weaponized against employees. / Vox

In Facebook's efforts to capture younger users, an internal presentation suggested "exploring playdates as a growth lever." / The Verge

In an EU antitrust court hearing, Google claims the most popular Bing search query is "Google." / BBC

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As early as 18,000 years ago, people in New Guinea may have domesticated cassowaries, which sounds like a very dangerous hobby. / The New York Times

The US is set to declare 23 species officially extinct, though sightings of one, the ivory-billed woodpecker, are still reported in Arkansas. / Reuters

A live map of bird migration in the US. / BirdCast

Armed with a variable transformer, Jaya Saxena makes the lightning mushroom from Ratatouille. / Eater

Photos: Before the rise of baking shows, celebrities were photographed with very normal-looking cakes. / BuzzFeed News

​​An AI has completed Beethoven's unfinished 10th Symphony, after being trained on the composer's entire body of work. / The Conversation

See also: David Bowie's lost 2001 album Toy will see its first official release later this year. / The Guardian

Citing low fees for two commissioned works, artist Jens Haaning delivers blank frames called Take the Money and Run. / Hyperallergic