Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: When not being stupid is not enough.

Following the massive blast in Beirut that killed 135 people and injured thousands, people are accusing the government of negligence over the storage of ammonium nitrate. / Associated Press

Related: Mapping the damage from the Beirut explosion. / The New York Times

Defense Secretary Mark Esper refutes Trump's claim that the explosion in Beirut was an attack. / CNN

Twitter and Facebook removed a post by the Trump campaign—and shared by Trump—for spreading misinformation that children are "almost immune" from COVID-19. / NPR

See also: Political ads containing falsehoods continue to run freely on Facebook without any warning or label. / The Washington Post

An overwhelming proportion of the children who are falling ill from the inflammatory condition linked to COVID-19 are Black and Latinx. / Mother Jones

The coronavirus not only highlights our racial disparities, it's actually intensifying systemic racism against Black Americans. / The New Yorker

The story behind the viral photo of a Georgia high school's crowded hallways: Multiple infections have already occurred, and the district called mask-wearing a "personal choice." / BuzzFeed News

Just over a week after in-person classes began, more than 100 students in a Mississippi school district have been quarantined. / The Hill

See also: A high school senior in Atlanta lost both parents to COVID-19 just days apart. / BBC

Around 2.2 million homes and businesses still don't have power after Hurricane Isais hit the mid-Atlantic and Northeast on Monday and Tuesday. / CNN

“The job loss has made us talk about the future more." Three Black couples discuss how they’ve strengthened their bonds despite unemployment due to the coronavirus. / Essence

Public health experts say the coronavirus is likely to set back decades of progress against TB, HIV, and malaria. / The New York Times

For academics and business travelers: An analysis from July of methods to decarbonize conference travel after COVID-19. / Nature

"I’m outdoorsy enough to find all of this achingly romantic, but my less generous city friends might call it serial killer country." Sarah Hepola hits the road for some pandemic-era travel. Destination: Uncertain, Texas. / Texas Highways

How long have you been reading TMN? When did you discover the Tournament of Books? Is today the day you become a Sustainer? / TMN Memberships

"DC journalists in awe of Australian reporter able to speak to Trump without succumbing to his raw animal magnetism." / The Onion

Reformist Republicans are divided over how to remake their party after Trump, but one problem unifies them: the Republican voter. / The Week

During the first six months of 2020, gun sales increased by 95%, and the highest sales increase was among Black Americans. / Yahoo! News

Chemicals used for making nonstick or water-resistant products can be found in the blood of an estimated 99% of Americans. / Vox

Some podcast episodes to explain why your cable and phone bills are so high. / The Morning News

Watch: Olympian Katie Ledecky swims the length of a pool with a full glass of milk balanced on her head. / CNET