Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: When you give a teacher a gun.

Compared to 2017, fewer nations last year experienced a decline in democracy—and 48 countries even improved.

"You respect our president, and you pray for our president." Inside a firearms training program for teachers.

The President visits the southern border in Texas today accompanied by an unusual guest: Pat Cipollone, the White House’s top attorney.

Since arriving on the job last month, Cipollone has hired 17 new lawyers to assist the Trump administration's response to congressional investigations.

Trump claims "much" of the wall has been completed. The more accurate amount is 40 miles.

The long, continuing history of white supremacy’s role in mainstream news.

In an interview with Vizio's CEO, we learn why smart TVs are cheaper: Manufacturers are selling every second of your viewing life.

A map of "Fake Britain" includes hundreds of fictional locales from TV, movies, books, comics, and more.

This sensory-overwhelming video short offers a surreal exploration of the Chartres Cathedral.

US energy-related greenhouse gas emissions rose in 2018 by 3.4 percent, the second-largest margin in 20 years, reversing a three-year decline.

Tracking down the hunters who want to save the environment and are trying to get others to embrace the science.

Archaeologists unearth the remains of a medieval woman thought to be an artist; flecks of lapis lazuli pigment remain on her teeth.

Old railway systems in the US reimagined as subway lines, by Jake Berman.

A son remembers why he started bodybuilding: as protection from his father’s violence.