Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Which way is up?

After Virginia's attorney general admits he wore blackface at a party, the state's Democratic leadership appears in peril, and Republicans look to capturing a state Trump lost in 2016.

A county-by-county census map shows how slavery spread in the US between 1790 and 1860.

Hours after Trump used his State of the Union to warn Democrats against investigating him, the House Intelligence Committee announced an investigation into whether Russia and others have influence over him.

We are allowed to bring mind, body, and spirit to our lives as parents and spouses and lovers... but we are asked to bring only our big frontal lobe and its executive functions to questions of politics and our shared civic life. That’s both impossible and dull. On outrage and its side effects, both good and bad.

Construction equipment has arrived, but the National Butterfly Center, at the border of Texas and Mexico, isn't sure whether that means its land is about to be seized for the wall.

Sens. Ocasio-Cortez and Markey outline the Green New Deal proposal, which would overhaul the American economy and, ultimately, eliminate all US carbon emissions.

Venezuela's health system has crumbled under Maduro, and citizens are fleeing to Brazil in search of food and health care.

How scientists track Earth's ever-changing magnetic field; right now, the north magnetic pole fluctuates around 35 miles a year.

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An estimated 1,500 hospital visits due to e-scooter injuries have occurred in the US since late 2017—some requiring surgery.

The first time I tried virtual reality, I still thought I was cisgender. I didn’t know the feelings I walked around with were dysphoria. I thought that’s what it was like to be in a body. For one trans writer, a VR experience brought reality into view.

The mother of the alleged Silk Road creator is fighting for her son's freedom, and hopes a Trump pardon is the answer.

A test to gauge whether you're tone deaf.

Face-swapping David Schwimmer with Nicolas Cage just makes more Ross.

Why aren’t the lanes clustered in groups of four? Why are some of the bands in adjacent lanes the same size? (They shouldn’t be if you’re doing Sanger sequencing.) ... Indeed, some of the lanes are even identical to each other. A geneticist weighs in on the cover of the new Backstreet Boys album, DNA.

Photos of palm trees from A Palm Tree Is a Palm Tree Is a Palm Tree, by Bruno V. Roels.

Video: ​In a live performance accompanied by mesmerizing visuals, Kelly Moran performs "Halogen" from Ultraviolet, one of TMN's Andrew Womack's top albums of 2018.