Thursday headlines: Why movie audiences get duped

According to the United Nations, more than 14 million people have fled their homes in Ukraine since Russia's invasion in February. / PBS

A gay Russian journalist relates a very compelling, horrifying story about participating in conversion therapy. / GQ

See also: "'Restoring Beds, or Wombs,' and a Feminist-Materialist Quest for Everlasting Life." / Journal of the History of Ideas

Ethiopia's warring sides formally agree to an end of hostilities. North Korea continues its recent campaign of missile launching. / Al Jazeera, NPR

Since January, 38,000 people have crossed the English Channel from Europe. / The Economist

A report says the last glaciers in the Alps, Yosemite, and Kilimanjaro will be gone by 2050. / The Evening Standard

Greta Thunberg says the latest UN climate conference is a greenwashing scam. / The_Byte

Dutch designers use multicolored solar panels to create a self-powered pavilion resembling a giant beach chair. / dezeen

Regarding yesterday's Waxy link about AI-generated art, Matt Haughey contacted the author and learned how to make his own. / A Whole Lotta Nothing

Related/unrelated: Clever marketing and filmmaking is making a lot of viewers think Lydia Tár is real. / The Cut

An unclaimed radio station has been broadcasting around the clock since 1982, and no one knows why. / BBC Future

Illustrator Amy Leonard likes to capture urban moments "that typically go unnoticed." / It's Nice That

Unrelated? "Florida motorist stranded in canal near alligator rescued after paraglider's emergency landing." / NBC News