Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Wide awake in America.

"This is the moment in history we need to be wide awake." Climate activist Greta Thunburg addresses Congress.

Trump says the US will pursue sanctions against Iran in retaliation for the attack on Saudi Arabia's oil installations.

Alleging Trump made a "promise" to a foreign leader, a member of the US intelligence community filed a formal whistleblower complaint with the inspector general, who deemed the matter of "urgent concern.”

Greater contraception access—as well as increased restrictions in conservative states—send US abortion rates to a 46-year low.

With large numbers of liberal voters migrating to red-state suburbs, the election map is quickly changing to favor Democrats.

See also: "Distaste for the Christian right’s involvement with politics was prompting some left-leaning Americans to walk away from religion."

Senate Republicans refuse to move on any proposal to expand background checks until Trump endorses it.

A report from the National Park Service shows how Trump’s border wall would destroy at least 22 archaeological sites in Arizona.

ProPublica identified 187 servers in the US that store and retrieve medical data—and don’t adhere to basic security precautions.

Funded by industry, an American nonprofit pushes biased studies to protect processed-foods interests around the world.

Inactivating a certain protein in humans and mice can stop the replication of a range of viruses, including the common cold.

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When Seinfeld insists that we’re too politically correct nowadays, what he’s really saying is that he’s begun to doubt his ongoing ability to make Americans laugh. Cancel culture doesn’t stop comedians who pride themselves on testing boundaries; in fact, it enables them to seek out like-minded audiences.

Listen: A mix by Suzanne Ciani of her favorite work from the 1970s and ’80s.

Studies in chiaroscuro, photographed by Paul Cupido.

Left long enough, litter at national parks becomes historically significant to archaeologists.

Sketches for paper sculptures that are impossible to fold, by illustrator Julien Posture.

Here is a soothing video of the conservation of a painting.