Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Words with fiends.

Mexico is suing American gun manufacturers, accusing them of facilitating a "deadly flood" of military-grade weapons to cartels. / The New York Times

A majority of New York State Assembly members say they support impeachment if Cuomo doesn't resign. / Associated Press

Niall Reddy: What happened last week in South Africa wasn't just a bread riot but a serious assault on democracy. / Africa Is a Country

The controversy surrounding biodiversity: Some conservationists argue it hurts native species, but are careful to avoid extending that argument to include humans. / Vox

As businesses reopen, remote employees are concerned their employers may become biased against them. / The New York Times

A renegade Burning Man being planned (without portable toilets) may turn "into Woodstock '99 on COVID." / SFist

Crossword fans are irate at the New York Times crossword for switching to a proprietary file format that doesn't work in third-party apps. / Kotaku

See also: How to solve a cryptic crossword. / Popula

If you haven't yet, please take a moment to complete a private poll and help us improve this newsletter! / Google Forms

Traveling movie theaters in India date back to the 1950s, but may be coming to an end. / Atlas Obscura

"Moral art may call you a liar to your face. It reveals the shallowness of your thought." On D.H. Lawrence and moral fiction. / Sweater Weather

It's true that families move to other states for better autism care—but it all comes down to who can afford to do so. / Spectrum News

A remarkable number of artists have been simulated singing Flo Rida's "Low" (retitled "Apple Bottom Jeans"). / MetaFilter

Todd Levin says Apple's "HA HA" tapback has helped him save numerous friendships with fellow comedians. / The New York Times Magazine

Photographer Diana Markosian restages her family's "surreal" emigration from post-Soviet Russia to California. / LensCulture