Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: You are not a number.

Last month was the warmest June on record for North America. / The Boston Globe

Scientists say last week's Pacific Northwest heat wave would have been "virtually impossible" without climate change. / BuzzFeed News

Another effect of climate change: Wild animals are shrinking in body size. / Vox

How climate change is affecting summer camps: delayed starts, upgraded air conditioning, and flashlight campfires. / The New York Times

Due to rising Covid infections, Tokyo enters a state of emergency, and will likely bar fans from attending the Olympics, which are set to begin this month. / Associated Press

As live music emerges from lockdown in North America, major cities' venues are being flooded with bookings, allowing out-of-the-way cities to fill the void. / Pitchfork

"There is a contemporary understanding of Black male identity that is condescending even as it intends to be caring." Jazmine Hughes profiles Lil Nas X. / The New York Times Magazine

Since the 2010 earthquake, Haiti has experienced a series of setbacks, from government-linked gangs to this week's assassination of its president. / The New York Times, CNN

"Frodo and Sam begin (as many great period-piece romances do) with a class difference." The queer relationship at the heart of The Lord of the Rings. / Polygon

Trump's lawsuit against big tech holds a sliver of truth: The companies wield inordinate power over users' speech. That said, the former president is already fundraising over it. / The New Republic, CNBC

Facebook is building a fully self-contained city with more than 1,500 homes on a 59-acre plot in Menlo Park. / Hacker Noon

One reason the world hasn't switched to password-free logins: Most people don't have devices that support it. / Ars Technica

See also: The history of passwords. / The Morning News

Though disability advocates often strive for person-first language, many in the autistic community would rather be known as "an autistic person" than "a person with autism." / BuzzFeed News

"My Spotify is broken." TMN's Andrew Womack tries his hand at randomizing a playlist. / Shuffle Synchronicities

Looking back at Major League Baseball's "Turn Ahead the Clock" event in 1999, which imagined what baseball would be like in 2021. / InsideHook

"Under the roofs of many colonial houses you'll see boards cut at 23 inches, just under the dimension that would reveal they came from a tree claimed by the king." In search of Maine's giant pines. / Atlas Obscura