Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: You are what you eat.

Investigators from Mueller's team say the findings from their report are worse for Trump than Barr portrayed.

The House Democrat-controlled Ways and Means Committee has formally requested the Treasury provide the past six years of Trump's personal and business tax returns, as well as details of any IRS audits.

We should be worried that big oil's investments in carbon removal aren't for the climate, but so they can continue drilling.

Op: To solve large American cities' organ donor shortages, HHS must increase supply, rather than harvesting from the Midwest and South.

Beyond hearts, transplant-ready pigs could soon provide skin and blood—even pancreatic cells—to human patients.

A new study that tracked dietary habits from 1990 to 2017 finds unhealthy eating kills one in five people—more than tobacco and high blood pressure.

Here are the animals that humans are in the midst of eating into extinction.

Beware the lifestyle drugs in your feeds. Claiming they're tech platforms, not health providers, some cut corners on patient safety.

People 65 and older will soon make up the largest single age group in the United States, and will remain that way for decades to come... [They’re] being targeted by a wide range of online bad actors who try to feed them fake news, infect their devices with malware, and steal their money in scams. Older Americans’ digital illiteracy is mostly ignored, making them a danger to themselves—as well as everyone’s future.

Country music's history of silencing black artists continued last week as Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" was removed from the charts.

Did you know there’s a giant racial wealth gap in South Bend? You won’t if all you read about South Bend is Shortest Way Home. A close read of Pete Buttigieg’s memoir reveals why his candidacy should alarm progressives.

A jogging stroller involved in hundreds of crashes was set for recall. Then Trump entered office, and a settlement materialized.

Kenny Goins's last-second three-pointer made millions for Michigan State. He's a walk-on still paying his student loans.

The "wrong side of history" is on the wrong side of history, because history doesn't reveal moral rights and wrongs.

Contrary to previous predictions, powerful moralizing “big gods” and prosocial supernatural punishment tend to appear only after the emergence of “megasocieties” with populations of more than around one million people. Hell, fire, and brimstone aren’t a prerequisite for a complex society.

Fintech bros are up in arms as Patagonia announces co-branded vests will only be made for charities and cause-based companies.

Saved from the shredder: a former bank's pre-1930 financial records, which could offer a unique view of working people's lives.

More than 50,000 record sides from the Boston Public Library's 78rpm collection have been digitized and made available online.