Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: You can and will be used against you.

In a 38-31 vote, Argentina's senate rejects a bill to legalize abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Behind the scenes on Rep. Chris Collins and Innate Immunotherapeutics, and how he roped in his family and colleagues to invest and, according to prosecutors, engage in insider trading to avoid nearly $600K in losses.

With more fuel and more people moving to fire-prone areas, wildfires are becoming more destructive.

When conducted during heat waves, surveys asking if global warming exists result in more affirmative responses.

Insurance providers can use your 23andMe results to decide whether you qualify for certain types of coverage.

Over the past years, EFF has taken millions in funds from Google and Facebook via straight donations and controversial court payouts that many see as under-the-radar contributions. Hell, Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s foundation gave EFF at least $1.2 million. Why didn’t the EFF go into overdrive on the Cambridge Analytica scandal?

On the past decade of Facebook's People You May Know, an assault on privacy disguised as a way to find your friends.

Jack Dorsey's deservedly maligned thread on why Twitter won't remove Alex Jones.

An analysis of QAnon supporters on Reddit shows only 200 users post a quarter of the total comments.

The first new tick in 50 years has arrived in the US; for now, the main threat is to livestock.

Malaria is not only back in Southeast Asia, but it's exhibiting a worrisome drug resistance.

If you go to a village in the forests of central India and you steal all the chicken and you shoot holes in the vessels...you can just die of thirst because you can’t go four miles and collect water and bring it back. Arundhati Roy and Viet Thanh Nguyen talk about writing mean characters—and empathy for Donald Trump.

The next step in biodegradable plastic: polymers that "unzip" and disintegrate when exposed to different lights.

Ceramics with mesmerizing patterns, by artist Brendan Monroe.

Video: Time-lapses of stunning natural sights, accompanied only by nature's ambient sounds.

Photos of skateboarding's evolution, from the 1970s to the present day

US musicians receive 12% of the revenue from their music—up from 7% in 2000, when the industry started tanking.

A South Korea retailer is selling packs of bananas of varying ripeness, so one ripens after the next.

NYPL staffers combine their powers to develop ways of finding a book when you don't know its title or author.

During the hippie era, numerous directors tried to convey LSD trips through film. Here are their attempts, in GIFs.