Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: You’ve got mail.

Unlike in previous conflicts, Israeli politicians are blaming the incumbent government for the escalating crisis. / The New York Times

See also: Last month, Human Rights Watch accused Israel of committing "crimes against humanity" in its treatment of Palestinians. / NPR

Instagram removed content about one of Islam's holiest mosques, after mistakenly labeling the site a terrorist organization. / BuzzFeed News

How a 1996 lawsuit against AOL became the go-to precedent whenever someone attempts to sue a digital platform for defamation. / NPR

After being delayed by the Trump administration for three years, an EPA report details the dire effects of global warming in the US. / The Washington Post

The crypto market lost more than $365 billion yesterday after Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin for purchases, citing sustainability concerns. / CNBC

Most American office workers want to go back to in-person work—but have a rare moment of leverage over employers. An argument for WFH two days a week. / The Atlantic

A retrospective of the flamboyant 1980s architecture of Helmut Jahn, who died this week at 81. / The Guardian

"Ten of the Louisiana Dept. of Corrections' 12 physicians...have had their medical licenses restricted or suspended." / BuzzFeed News

On an enduring fallacy about the origins of Memorial Day, and how it's fed the Confederate Lost Cause myth. / The Atlantic

Ohio will hold a weekly lottery in which five vaccinated adults will win $1 million each. Additionally, five teens will win full university scholarships. / The New York Times

People are posting misinformation on Facebook to lure anti-vaxxers, and then correct their misconceptions. / BBC

In a first, neuroscientists turned someone's cognitive signals into text in real time. / Gizmodo

Following a tonsillectomy, an Australian spoke with an Irish accent for two weeks, despite never having been to Ireland. / Newsweek

At the nexus of many of the gross-out cooking "hacks"—e.g., those table-top nachos—in your feeds is one man: magician Rick Lax. / Eater

See also: A visit to the Disgusting Food Museum in Sweden prompts the question: Who gets to decide what food is "disgusting?" / The New Yorker

Looking back at 40 years of all the ways our bodies have been destroyed by personal computers. / VICE

Photos of cellular towers hidden among trees, inside church crosses, atop fake cacti, and elsewhere, by Annette LeMay Burke. / Hyperallergic

A comparison of different countries' Emergency Alert Systems. / The Morning News