Time to Pretend

When leaving the apartment the other night, I was stopped in my tracks by a strange noise emanating from our living room. Or rather, it was the source that was strange.

The TV was on, and behind some whiny teen drama on the CW (Gossip Girls?) was “Time to Pretend,” a song by one of my favorite bands of the moment, MGMT.

It was a shock, due less to the sellout factor (over it; $$ = <3) than the fact that the song is in some respects anti-corporate, bemoaning office jobs and advocating a drug- and model-addled life as an alternative.

Luckily for MGMT, CW didn’t hear that. They heard “catchy,” which they are, unquestionably. Already featured on Conan, the duo is slated to appear on The Late Late Show on June 9. Personally, I can’t wait to see what the mainstream thinks of their wonderfully psychedelic web site.

Heather Rasley is a graduate student at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. She likes discovering new web apps and new dance songs, equally. She lives on the internet, at More by Heather Rasley

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