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TMN vs. Explodingdog

TMN vs. Explodingdog
"You're My Awesome" by Explodingdog

We bet most TMN readers are familiar with the terrific web-art comic phenomenon known as Explodingdog.

For those who don’t know, Sam has been making drawings with stick figures and robots for almost as long as we’ve been publishing The Morning News. And it seemed to us that it was high time for a collaboration.

We’ve worked with Sam before. Back in 2003, we published his “Stupid Dreams.” Sam’s m.o. is to transform one of his followers’ suggested titles into something witty, playful, and beguiling. Beginning next Monday, and continuing for the next two months, he’s going to publish a comic story here each week on TMN based on your suggestions.

To kick off, leave a title in the comments section below that Sam can use for his opening panel, and we'll go from there. Thanks.


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