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Todd Osborn

Todd Osborn

Hometown: Wayne, Mich.

Occupation: Music producer, tinkerer

I love the short video Ghostly posted about you. One unexpected bit shows you polishing off a plane. I’ve been flying for maybe 15 years but it was really sporadic. I like the flying, of course, but I also really enjoy the mechanics of it. Everything on an aircraft is usually of the highest quality and precision-machined.

Tell us about your hovercraft. It’s nearly complete. Our plan is to try and break the hovercraft world speed record this upcoming winter. I checked with the state and I have to register it as a boat and as an off-road vehicle.

Which of your musical gadget hacks pleased you the most? Well, I get the most use out of the talkbox I made. I’m an awful singer and that thing is like instant robotic auto-tune. It never gets old.

What have you been listening to? Early-’70s James Taylor. Any videos of him from between ’71 and ’77 are amazing. If you see him nowadays you would never think he was once in a nut house for depression and addicted to heroin.

What’s next for you? My wife and kids are going to Japan for five weeks. I’m not sure I can make it out there with them, so I may just hole up in my house and make a bunch of new music. But more likely, I’ll end up missing everyone too much and buy a way-too-expensive ticket to go out there and see them.


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