Tuesday headlines: A soft ending

Election day arrives in the United States "shadowed by inflation, abortion, and threats to democracy." / NPR

Robert Reich: Please don't say inflation is at a 40-year high without also mentioning that corporate profits are at a 70-year high. / Twitter

See also: How can you walk by $3 billion in your closet every day and not spend it? / Marginal Revolution

The White House confirms it's been in talks with the Kremlin to prevent nuclear escalation in Ukraine. / BBC News

Ukraine denies being coerced to the bargaining table, insisting on all Russian troops gone before peace talks start. / The Guardian

Over the last three years, small water providers violated the Safe Drinking Water Act's health standards nearly 9,000 times. / The Associated Press

Landfills contribute 14 percent of US methane emissions every year—and pumpkins are a big part of that. / National Geographic

High stakes in a Supreme Court case about American Indian children. / Vox

A good story about a medical mystery involving phantom skin sensations, illustrated with comic book art. / Now This News

David Sedaris discovers his father didn't include him in his will, part of a lifetime of financial humiliations. / Wealthsimple Magazine

See also: Things recently overheard and seen by TMN's Rosecrans Baldwin, parts two and three. / Meditations in an Emergency

Only about 40 percent of the videos that TikTok pulls down are culled with automated systems. / The Atlantic

Soft-launching a relationship on Twitter has become soft-ending one on TikTok. / Vogue