Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: A stone’s throw.

Areas in Cuba are evacuating and Florida prepares as Hurricane Ian gains strength. / NBC News

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Biden administration's student loan forgiveness plan will cost $400 billion over 30 years. / CNBC

A school shooting in central Russia leaves 17 dead, including 11 children. / Associated Press

In its first planetary defense test, NASA crashed a probe into a small asteroid seven million miles away, hoping to knock it out of orbit. / Space

Related: Video of the moment the probe smashed into the asteroid. / YouTube

"We will need visions of the future that connect us to nature—rather than set us apart from it." Let's talk about The Jetsons. / Slate

A play-by-play breakdown of what it's like to find yourself in a crypto scam chatroom, where you can't tell who's real and who's not. / Read Max

How scientists used sewage samples to trace the origin of a Covid variant down to a single office. / Nature

From "books about gender identity and homosexuality" to "books where the vibes are wrong," a user's guide to all the banned books in Texas. / Texas Monthly

France announces it will make the morning-after pill available for free and without a prescription to women and girls of all ages. / Refinery29

Two thirds of voters in Cuba approved "family code" legislation ratifying same-sex marriage and adoption, as well as equal domestic rights and responsibilities for men and women. / Reuters

A profile of Kurt Steiner, the world's greatest stone skipper, who calls his sport "a legitimate path to an essential inner balance." / Outside

Related: Kurt Steiner's 88-skip, stone-skipping world record from 2013. / YouTube

"Sanders resided always in the sweat and substance of the here and now." A remembrance of legendary saxophonist Pharoah Sanders, who died last week at 81. / Pitchfork

Related: Listen to Sanders's final recorded album, 2021's very wonderful Promises with Floating Points and the London Symphony Orchestra. / Bandcamp

Astoundingly intricate, vintage-inspired glass dioramas by Amber Cowan. / Colossal