Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: A y y y.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders face off tonight alongside eight other candidates in another round of Democratic debates.

How to approach the Democratic presidential candidates like Marie Kondo.

Hundreds of residents mourn the three people shot and killed at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

The shooter’s semiautomatic weapon, illegal to own in California, was purchased legally in Nevada. 

In the United States, there have been 32,130 incidents of gun violence so far in 2019.

FDR called his internment camps for Japanese-Americans “concentration camps,” but debate still rages over when the term applies.

A radioactive leak that swept across Europe in 2017 has been traced to Russia. The leak released up to 100 times the radiation released by Fukushima.

Recycling plastic is dead. The only way to curb pollution is to hold plastics manufacturers responsible for their waste.

Gold miners invade a remote indigenous reserve in Brazil and stab to death one of its leaders—highlighting Bolsonaro’s plans for deforestation.

Ancient ruins reconstructed in their original locations.

See also: A map of Southern California's remaining gems of "Googie" architecture.

The longest-running No. 1 single in the 61-year history of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart is now Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.”

A linguist claims that Internet-ese, the web's informal English, is making us better at expressing o u r s e l v e s.

This week's white paper: Wildlife estimates from tourists' safari photos can be better than those gleaned from older methods.

We’re slightly late to this, but here’s a long, strange story about a gullible Harvard Law professor and his grifters.

How you read the Harvard Law Professor story may tell you something about your liberal or conservative bias.

As of 2010, women wrote 70% of Amazon's reviews for books about true crime, while men wrote 82% of the reviews for books on war.

A poem for your Tuesday: Amy Alvarez's "How to Date a White Boy."

"We’re a fraternity that’s trying to teach men to be more moral men." Life as a freemason today.

A feel-good story for the week: Four brothers rescue a swimmer in Ireland on the same day their relative drowned decades earlier.

Synthesizers have become very small, very cheap, very innovative.

We know next to nothing about chess, but that doesn’t prevent us from finding stress relief in watching World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen explain his moves during blitz chess.