Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Acme anything.

Driven by the Omicron variant, new Covid infections in the US shatter prior coronavirus records, with more than a million cases reported yesterday. / USA Today

As schools across the US open today—or try to, anyway—the FDA authorizes Pfizer boosters for 12-to-15-year-olds. / NBC News, NPR

Some people with compromised immune systems are finding ways to acquire unauthorized fourth and even fifth Covid vaccine doses. / The New York Times

An analysis of the intimidation campaign Trump supporters' have waged on election officials. (Content warning.) / Reuters

Banning an illicit drug requires first learning that it even exists. A new algorithm that predicts psychoactive compounds could change all that. / Undark

A troubling investigation finds just how often some prenatal tests are wrong. / The New York Times

"That is quite a tiny force to move a heavy iron carrot." The physics of Wile E. Coyote's 10 billion-bolt electromagnet. / WIRED

See also: Ian Frazier's "Coyote v. Acme." / The New Yorker

Amazon employees take advantage of the company's lax customer data rules to look up the order histories of celebrities and exes. / The Verge

Related/unrelated: How to delete yourself from the internet. / WIRED

We asked some of our favorite journalists, writers, and thinkers: What were the most important events of 2021, and what were the least? / The Morning News

"I have depression, and also one NFT. A WITCH, given to me as a gift, lives in my wallet like a little doll in a trunk." / Dirt

Though hardly on the same level as today's conspiracy theories, "Paul Is Dead" shows how ordinary people get swept up in ridiculous beliefs. / Columbia Journalism Review

In the late '70s, a rock promoter hired impersonators to undergo plastic surgery and bring dead icons back on stage. / Rolling Stone

Recently auctioned: New Order manager Rob Gretton's favorite Factory Records sleeves. / Manchester Digital Music Archive

Watch: Mr. Bean superimposed into scenes from Cyberpunk 2077. / YouTube