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Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Alive and waiting.

Following last week's FBI raid on Trump fixer Michael Cohen's home, office, and hotel that resulted in the seizure of multiple documents and devices, yesterday a Manhattan judge blocked Cohen and Trump's request to review all documents before prosecutors.

During the Cohen hearing, the judge ordered all seized documents to be stored in a government database with Cohen receiving copies of everything.

And in one notably dramatic moment in the hearing, it was revealed—to audible gasps—that one of Cohen's clients is Fox News's Sean Hannity, who in a clear breach of journalism ethics has favorably covered Cohen on his show.

History shows Trump won't be removed—Congress holds the Presidency sacred, and there aren't enough votes to impeach.

The biggest statement during Comey’s ABC interview was his pair of non-FBI-standard-issue Chelsea boots.

A new study finds the introduction in 2010 of a "safer" OxyContin triggered an increase in heroin deaths.

America and Britain accuse Russia of worldwide cyber attacks on critical routers, firewalls, and networks and warn businesses and governments to be wary of future attacks.

You can no longer assume cops won't be able to unlock your iPhone.

I become accustomed to unexplained rashes and minor skin irritations. I stopped taking showers longer than 10 minutes. And I kept paying that bill. With the crisis in Flint far from over, a resident refuses to pay his water bill.

Related: How to give away a house in Flint, Mich., home not only to a water scandal but record violence.

Nurturing children's creativity is more helpful than teaching them to code—on its own, a skill doomed to automation.

Game (or creativity hack): Write a magazine in five minutes or less!

Early humans didn't have our range of body language—their brows probably didn't offer as much movement.

“It has a poignancy today because I don’t feel anything like as optimistic. Once again, I feel like we could be on the brink of Armageddon at any moment. But if things could change very quickly then, they could just as easily do so now.” Jesus Jones explains how they made “Right Here, Right Now.”

Photos from 1943, when factories in "neutral" Switzerland were producing weapons for the armies of Europe.

An obituary for the credit card signature, which Visa and others are phasing out this month.

A single foodborne illness outbreak that sickens 250 people can cost a restaurant $2 million or more.

Card-based websites are super popular, but they have big UI drawbacks; try scanning one left to right.

While the rest of the neighborhood still slumbers, Tom Fox Shea takes photos on his early-morning runs.