Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: “Ambiguity creates possibilities.”

All 12 members of the Wild Boar soccer team and their coach have been rescued from the cave in Thailand.

Overnight, Theresa May hired a new cabinet after Boris Johnson and David Davis quit over May’s plan for a soft Brexit—and the discord in her party may spark another general election.

What we know about Trump's Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh: He's been quiet on abortion, and doesn't think a president should be indicted while in office.

Based on past decisions, how Roberts—the Supreme Court's new swing vote—might vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

"Ambiguity creates possibilities." The 14th Amendment, which grants citizenship to anyone born in the US, was unclear by design, to ensure generations of debate.

There are winners and losers on both sides of the ACA battle—except for health consultants, who win either way.

Since Sandy Hook, there have been 1,756 mass shootings in the US. At this point, nearly every state has had an incident of mass gun violence.

UK children are being taught to conceal a metal spoon to set off detectors if they're taken abroad for marriage.

“Many of these stars are also planning to start families of their own in the near future, and their fans and followers are often in a similar life stage. This makes them a natural fit.” Instagram influencers capitalize on their success—sometimes controversially—by using their kids in sponsored posts.

Starbucks will replace plastic straws in its 28,000 stores with “adult sippy cups.”

Eliminating plastic straws and baby wipes is good for the environment—but not for the disabled people who need them.

Photos of mixed-race people, taken 15 years apart, with interviews about our culture's changing views of race.

New research shows Anne Frank and her family were twice thwarted by red tape in trying to reach the US.

A recent study found cities’ borrowing costs to build projects like roads and schools rose after newspapers closed...they theorize the loss of scrutiny on local government led to more mismanagement of public funds. Among ways community newspapers aid residents: warning of disease outbreaks and keeping local government in check.

First Strava, now Polar's fitness tracking has been shown to reveal geo data around sensitive government locations.

How much of a risk is the Strava data? Beyond geo info on military bases, identifiable personal details are shown.

The year so far in cybersecurity breaches: relatively quiet compared to 2017, but router malware could change that.

"The word for friend is avilaitqan," says Inupiaq speaker Muriel Gail Hopson. "So for unfriend, I would put Avilaitqatigisunaiq, which really translates to 'not want to be friends anymore.'" Facebook plans to introduce a version of its platform for Canadian Inuit speakers.

Aesthetics research shows we may like art because it was created by an artist, even when it's made by a robot.

It's the 500th anniversary of a rave in France that lasted three months—and where some dancers collapsed and died.