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Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: Anyone got 30 mil?

The Justice Department expands its internal investigation into the FBI's Russia probe after FBI and Justice officials met with President Trump. The question is, who blinked?

A thoughtful Twitter thread to help you understand Trump’s latest tweeting about the Justice Department.

Trump meets today with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, anticipating next month’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. You can guess which leader of the three is prepared.

A good summary of Gaza's horrible, no good, very bad situation—how it became that way and who's to blame.

Chinese publishers keep maps out of books, mostly because they’re so difficult to get approved by the government.

Thanks to the mafia, almost 200 journalists in Italy live under police protection.

Here is probably the most detailed map of medieval trade routes you can find online.

Forget the 1%: America's "9.9% class" can't look away from its own success to fight for other people's children.

Actually, forget the 9.9%: a doctor who makes $400,000 is a hell of a lot richer than a doctor who makes $120,000.

A man wearing a MAGA hat gestured for LeBron James’s sweaty towel. LeBron threw it elsewhere.

The teenager who pleaded guilty to starting Oregon’s Eagle Creek wildfire last year was ordered to pay $36,618,330.24 in restitution.

We don’t often post John Oliver videos, no matter how good they are, but this one’s smart and succinct about America’s rehab problem.

See also: “Predatory Behavior Runs Rampant in Facebook’s Addiction Support Groups.”

Snapchat has become an internet ghost town, rendering it all the more enjoyable for those still sticking around.

Nick Paumgarten attempts to understand Fortnite in order to better understand his son and his friends.

The Amish are using us in an experiment: testing new technologies for effect and failure.

Estonia is about to become the world’s first free public transport nation.

A history of fingerprints and fingerprinting technology, currently on its second wind.

The CIA's former "Chief of disguise" says the only show or movie to get spying right is The Americans.

Neuroimaging studies suggest that if you engage in catastrophizing thoughts, it amplifies pain processing—“so you’re unwittingly pouring gasoline on the fire.” Many people suffering from chronic pain “catastrophize” it to even worse degrees. Psychotherapy can help.

A sidewalk brawl between two drug dealers in Ohio was resolved “simply by flipping on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.”

In light of #metoo news about Junot Díaz and other luminaries: “David Foster Wallace and the Dangerous Romance of Male Genius.”

Patricia Lockwood offers advice on how to write poetry right now.