Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: Arson footprint

North and South Korea have agreed to officially declare an end to the Korean war after nearly seventy years. / Forbes

Germany warns Russia that any military action in Ukraine will jeopardize the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline. / Barrons

In Brazil, sometimes political disputes are solved (not really) with an MMA fight. / The Guardian

A few pandemic headlines: Omicron is bedeviling people's plans. Gen Z doesn't care, they're over it. Pfizer's Covid pill remains 89% effective in final analysis. / The New York Times, The Atlantic, STAT

See also: "Where I live, no one cares about Covid." / The Atlantic

A Dutch man is arrested for allegedly offering to sell live coronavirus to people who want to self-infect rather than get vaccinated. / Newshub

Unrelated/related: So many students set fire to their schools in Kenya, "the overall trend… is no longer shocking." / African Arguments

Advice from dogsled racer Blair Braverman, in case you also moved to a remote cabin during lockdown only to realize you hate it. / Outside

After the terrors of the French Revolution, Paris witnessed an explosion in waltzing and a general "frenzy to celebrate." / The Reader

Fact of the day: From 2001 to 2019, car ownership in Paris dropped from 60% of households to 35%. / The Economist

Malta is set to become the first European country to legalize the cultivation and possession of cannabis for personal use. / The Washington Post

Your weekly white paper: a round-up of 11 clinical trials that will shape medicine in 2022. Including psychedelic therapy, yes. / Nature

Daily life as a medic in Texas oil fields, where a single call can last 12 hours. "Out here, you've gotta be the cavalry." / Texas Monthly

"In the Shadow of the Sun," a rebuttal to representations of California as a land of beauty, by photographer Max Whittaker. And a new show from collage artist Katrien De Blauwer: "she won't open her eyes." / Prime Collective, Gallery Fifty One

Connie Wang: In Asian cultures, love is sometimes expressed in actions—like cutting fruit—rather than physical or verbal affections. / Refinery29

Authors and journalists pick the 21st century's 50 best books of literary journalism. / GQ

Related: An online clock tells time with literary passages. / Literature Clock