Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: As you know, many people are struggling.

After governors on the East and West coasts formed coalitions to decide when their states will reopen, Trump breaks with the Constitution, claiming his "authority is total" in ordering when to lift restrictions.

In a joint livestream, Bernie Sanders endorsed Joe Biden, and asked his supporters to get behind the now-presumptive Democratic candidate.

"The worst is over, if we continue to be smart going forward." Cuomo says New York's coronavirus outbreak appears to be slowing.

How forthcoming Moscow has been in reporting COVID-19 outbreaks is anyone's guess, but yesterday Putin acknowledged, "We have a lot of problems, and we don't have much to brag about."

For the first time, next month the Supreme Court will hear arguments over the phone.

Using the first lines of emails she’s received during quarantine, Jessica Salfia composed a poem containing the refrain, "As you know, many people are struggling."

With COVID-19 putting fertility treatments on hold, some are realizing the pandemic has dashed their hopes.

See also: Physicians who treat those with chronic diseases are concerned that pauses in treatment due to COVID-19 could worsen patients' conditions.

“Immunity status impacted where you lived, how much you earned, your ability to get credit, and whom you were able to marry.” America’s history of discrimination based on immunity status.

Another landlord has canceled rent—this time in New Jersey, and for the next three months.

Federal stimulus payments may fall into the hands of debt collectors, who are able to intercept money as it reaches bank accounts

The pandemic has prompted the closure of the meat processor that accounts for up to 5% of America's pork production.

"We will not have sporting events with fans until we have a vaccine." The truth about the future of sports.

What rush hour now looks like in major American cities: There's space between the cars, which are actually moving.

Amazon is hiring an additional 75,000 workers to keep up with pandemic-related demand.

Amazon fires two workers who criticized warehouse conditions, claiming the two "repeatedly" violated company policies.

Nine Amazon employees describe what their lives are like in the midst of COVID-19.

"Literally zero hoops." Amazon's hands-off approach makes Kindle the publisher of choice for white supremacists.

Lists of license plates banned in each state.

See also: Studying drivers across the country for signs of license-plate prejudice—or, why everyone loves Vermont drivers and hates Texans.

"Randomness in development may be just as important as genetic and environmental variation." Nature, nurture, and noise.

This is fascinating: See where various crops are currently being grown in the US.

Swimming pools as three-dimensional relief forms, by Harold Ancart.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, how the Rolling Stones' famous "tongue and lips" logo came into being.

Listen to this: Rafiq Bhatia, "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (feat. Cécile McLorin Salvant).

"Isolation Separation," a new series by the artist Cooper, who's been in his studio, quarantining and painting.