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Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: At the corner of Fanny and Butt.

An explanation of the legal tug of war that's left the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with two acting directors, one newly appointed by Trump and the other tapped by the departing director.

Three years ago, Trump's CFPB appointee referred to the Bureau—which is designed to prevent the Wall Street shenanigans that led to the 2007 financial crisis—as a "joke in a sick, sad kind of way."

To decide which Confederate statues should go, Atlanta officials are investigating each monument's intent.

Cops harassed the homeless witnesses to a San Francisco police shooting—until one committed suicide.

Cardinal in Myanmar advises Pope not to say "Rohingya," in hopes of avoiding a backlash against Catholics.

Aerial footage captures the scale of the devastation in the Santa Rosa suburb of Coffey Park, where the October wildfires burned down more than 1,500 homes.

First disturbing YouTube Kids content, now trolls skew YouTube's autocomplete results with pedophiliac phrases.

To resolve a marital dispute, a Google couple whiteboards their argument.

Writers rally for underpaid colleagues, while coders, blind to the coming crunch, shun their peers.

A new tool from MIT Media Lab gerrymanders algorithms to free your social feeds from their echo chambers.

“The internet is supposed to make it easier for us to find people and places and perfect gifts, and more profitable for companies that offer those services. And yet here I am, with my too-old dog and my too-young husband and my ever-growing book collection, happier than I could have predicted.” Maris Kreizman finds a life lived by algorithm pales next to one lived by chance.

High school students in Victoria, Australia, find houses on streets with silly names have lower selling prices.

“Even if you are the sort of person who believes gentrification is good, and argues that it improves services with limited displacement of residents, it’s important to concede just how tyrannical it is.” It’s a Libertarian myth that property rights only concern the homeowner and the market.

Video: Detroit activists took digital justice into their own hands, hacking up a wireless connection to the tallest building in three poorer neighborhoods.

Carriers say USPS orders them to mark Amazon packages as delivered—even when they aren't—to preserve their contract.

If Earth bites the dust, so does the cloud—and all your data. A search for off-planet storage.

In efforts to rely on renewable and recycled fuels, a Swedish power plant burns wood, garbage, and H&M clothing.

The brutal, 200-year evolution of the can opener, throughout which many fingers were lost.

Tell us why you should be our 2018 Tournament of Books Reader Judge.

All the new Twin Peaks musicians were filmed in one day, and even Lynch isn't sure how it all came together.

Video: Why hold music sounds so bad on phones today.

Artists stage a hologram of the Moon within a forest in Sweden.