Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Back at it.

The FBI raids the office, home, and hotel room of the President's longtime lawyer, prompting an “extraordinary scene” at the White House.

The fact that the raid was handled by a US attorney’s office suggests Trump’s efforts to co-opt the Justice Department “have been unsuccessful for the time being.”

Saudi Arabia is running excellent PR around its Crown Prince's travels. Too bad it's not investing in human rights.

When the idea of nonhuman personhood raises difficult questions: Should chimpanzees have rights?

An artist proposes saving the eight prototypes for Trump's border wall as a national monument.

A good, albeit repetitive exercise in visualizing the political connections found by the Mueller investigation so far.

TMN's Rosecrans Baldwin finds out why Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard calls Donald Trump "evil."

Some photos from a day in the life of the Compton Cowboys.

To fight homelessness, San Diego spent $7 million to purchase a former indoor skydiving building.

If people had to pay for Facebook—it would cost approximately $82 for Americans—would everyone realize WhatsApp has all they need?

A tick-tock story on what went down in the minutes before and after the Hawaiian Missile Crisis

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: The NFL likes to believe it’s responsible for guarding America’s mythological vision of itself.

Stories of six men who were too tall to play in the NBA, and found other work better suited for giants, like playing giants in sci-fi films.

Safety-conscious baseball stars start to adapt their helmets with jaw protectors.

An astonishing story in the New Yorker this week in which Junot Díaz recounts the ongoing trauma of his being sexually abused as a child.

See also: In light of #MeToo, Molly Ringwald reconsiders her John Hughes movies and the director’s other writings. Alexander Chee looks back on his years as a rose gardener.

The fantastic postcolonialism and pop culture blog Africa Is a Country relaunches.

Black Panther passes Titanic to become the third highest grossing movie in US history.

Why Hollywood’s otherwise bombing in China: audiences no longer enjoy American tropes of individualism and liberalism.

The person most likely to read a book of any genre is a college-educated black woman. Does publishing know this?

In case you're new to romance novels, a recommendation engine helps you find your next book to read.

Here’s a collection of vintage "dick pics" that are actually safe for work.

Luscious nature photography from Seattle’s Cody Cobb.

FYI: Whales are enormous thanks to the emergence of concentrated prey and the evolution of a way to catch them.