Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Be the raccoon.

Trump's executive order temporarily banning refugees expires today, as the White House preps stricter refugee admission procedures.

The Pentagon provides a loose, detail-free timeline of the events in Niger, while local sources say US troops were almost certainly set up.

As the caliphate dissolves in Iraq and Syria, Turkey increases patrols in hopes of heading off ISIS fighters.

White House says it will take action if Myanmar doesn't halt its military campaign against the Rohingya Muslims.

Bowe Bergdahl desertion case delayed over recent Trump comments alluding to what he said as a candidate in 2015—that Bergdahl should face a firing squad or be thrown from a plane without a parachute.

“Veterans feel very keenly that America is disengaged from these wars. The problem is not going to be fixed with the idea only people who are personally involved have the right to ask questions. It’s the exact opposite.” Kelly’s lecture on how the public doesn’t understand military sacrifice alarmed researchers—and even some vets.

Trey Gowdy just delegitimized his House investigation into Russian meddling, because he needs voters to ignore it.

Instead of curtailing troll farms, the Honest Ads Act would help them make better, more undetectable disinformation.

“The politics of the members of this group are ‘conservative’ and pay repeated homage to Ronald Reagan. No matter that Reagan was a great champion of compromise (as Ingram put it to me, ‘I think Ronald Reagan wasn’t as conservative as we think he is’) he remains their patron saint.” Seeking a liberty-first society, Reagan-worshipping conservatives have flocked to North Idaho, often from California.

This year's ACA auto-renewals happen right after enrollment ends, leaving many with coverage they can't change.

An hour-by-hour map of the Santa Rosa wildfires that killed at least 22 people and destroyed at least 5,200 homes.

Just two months from legalization, wildfires razed California's marijuana harvest, setting back production.

A woman comes forward with allegations that Roman Polanski molested her in 1975, when she was 10.

Domestic violence is intergenerational: No one excuses Chris Brown, but what he saw as a child probably didn't help.

Wearing an Apple Watch the day they were laid off, a Redditor's heart rate data shows wild fluctuations.

Raccoons pass animal problem-solving tests, in some cases by bending the rules to reach their desired outcomes.

“Dresses are hard because she needs somewhere for her power cord to emerge from. Lim said breathable fabrics are important too—Sophia tends to get quite warm when she’s powered up, and needs something that dissipates heat.” Dressing humanoid robots is the next frontier in clothing design.

Tournament of Books Commentator and TMN Contributor Kevin Guilfoile has co-written a new movie, Chasing the Blues, about two rival record collectors in search of a legendary blues recording.

Chuck Boyce is a notebook doodler who taught himself to paint, and the result is anything but formulaic.

A half-thousand New York love liaisons—some decidedly more romantic than others—mapped.

This interactive map lets you find any building in New York City and see how it appeared in the mid-1980s.