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Tuesday Headlines: Bee kind

"They are propping up our fossil fuel industry, and that's exactly what we want." An investigation into US bitcoin miners' emissions. / The New York Times

Related: Bitcoin mining is expected to cause Texas's electricity costs to increase by nearly 5% this year. / Quartz

New research shows "an abnormal and dramatic surge" in sea levels since 2010 along the US gulf coastline. / The Washington Post

The DoJ asks the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to issue a stay on the federal judge's decision overturning mifepristone's FDA approval. / BuzzFeed News

See also: What the FDA might do next, including potentially restarting the approval process. / STAT

Biden signs a bill officially ending Covid national emergency declarations. / CBS News

"I am a former prison librarian, and I have been deprived of my freedom for extended periods of time under other circumstances." / Literary Hub

A fascinating explanation of how the original Wilhelm Scream recording session was restored. / The Freesound Blog

"It is of vital importance to know who completes the band." What jazz has lost to the streaming era. / The Nation

Legendary Mad Magazine cartoonist and inventor of the Fold-In, Al Jaffee, has died at 102—he retired at 99. / NPR

Visualizing the microbes that were shared in 1,001 handshakes at a festival. / .able Journal

How to spot and interpret far-right symbols, by far-right monitoring expert Michael Colborne. / Bellingcat

"Bees are self-aware, they're sentient. Bees may even have a primitive form of subjective experiences." / The Guardian

Dolphins' fins include so many scars from boats and aquatic life that they're used by researchers to identify individual dolphins. / Beautiful Public Data

"Part of me feels like I should become fluent in Kłeti as quickly as possible." A father teaches ChatGPT his son's invented language. / Ryszard Szopa

The second issue of the html review is now available, now go read it. / the html review