Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: Bet on the horse.

A New York Times reporter tracks the many payments made on a migrant’s journey from El Salvador to the United States.

See also: Photographs of items taken from migrants crossing the United States border with Mexico.

Merkel saves her government with an immigration deal, compromising her welcoming policy toward migrants.

Home to “Trump before Trump,” Hungary's hostility toward migrants puts it at odds with the EU, but not the White House.

“Abolish ICE” has gone from a radical protest chant to a rallying cry among the Left.

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A major of ICE’s criminal investigators want the organization to be restructured.

Residents in (desolate) Wyoming have 70 times more voting power than people in (crowded) California.

Lest we forget: Democrats have won the popular vote in six of the seven last presidential elections.

The go-to attorney for Charlottesville's neo-Nazis and white supremacists used to focus on defending the poor.

In case you missed it: Ron Paul tweeted a racist, antisemitic cartoon, and Dinesh D'Souza—recently pardoned by the President—endorsed #BurntheJews.

"Carbanak," the biggest digital bank heist ever—$1.2 billion since 2013—is still playing out.

A notorious French gangster made his second prison break. He cites director Michael Mann as a technical adviser.

The 12 boys found alive in a Thailand cave may be stuck there for months, the country’s military said, because they have to be trained how to dive.

The family that became billionaires based on Nutella’s success is taking over the chocolate business.

Half of south Florida's six million residents live less than six and a half feet above the current high tide line.

Winners of the Nature Conservancy's 2018 Photo Contest.

British dressage officials make it clear that mules aren't fine enough to ride in their events.

Just under 23% of Americans get enough exercise, according to a new CDC report.

A neuroscientist scanned the brain of Alex Honnold, the greatest free-solo climber ever, and found no fear.

Race report from an old Welsh contest that pits humans against horses. The horses usually win.