Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Big presidential energy.

"We are taking this step to eliminate any doubt as to whether the Trump Administration may withhold documents, prevent witness testimony, disregard duly authorized subpoenas, or continue obstructing the House of Representatives." The House will vote to formalize its impeachment inquiry.

The National Security's Council's top Ukraine expert is testifying today that he was so troubled by Trump's phone call that he reported his concerns to a superior.

If Obama's numbers after bin Laden are any indication, Trump shouldn't expect a sustained approval bump after Baghdadi's death.

On the struggling Biden campaign's continued efforts to push its candidate's "Big Presidential Energy."

Now that a no-deal EU departure is off the table, Britain appears headed for a December election, which Boris Johnson is expected to win—though the election is being viewed as a proxy vote on Brexit.

The White House computer security chief quits, saying "the White House is posturing itself to be electronically compromised."

Facebook employees post an internal letter stating their objection to the company's political ad policy, which allows candidates to spread misinformation.

"If it’s not clear already, then it must be said: Facebook is a right-wing company."

Years of bait-and-switches should make publishers wary of siding with Facebook as it forays into news yet again.

The American Library Association tells a House antitrust subcommittee Amazon and other e-book companies are harming libraries.

How the Trump administration is following a similar path as “another struggling global hegemon: the Black Land of Mordor.”

Larger-than-life Hollywood producer Robert Evans (Chinatown, Urban Cowboy), who achieved new levels of notoriety with the 2002 documentary of his memoir The Kid Stays in the Picture, has died at 89.

A prison journalist explains why he took so long to write a letter to the family of the person he murdered.

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If drinking responsibility ad campaigns were successful, alcohol producers' profits would be decimated.

In a study, patients report medications work better when doctors communicate their belief in the treatment—even if it's a placebo.

“It’s causing us to miss potentially some of the real threats and problems around digital spaces.” Despite how many interpret it, the research doesn’t support an ongoing belief that social media is ruining younger generations.

Almost single-handedly, a programmer at an Illinois computer repair shop has saved countless people hit by ransomware.

Incredible photos of mushrooms and other fungi, by Alison Pollack.

An interactive map identifies how widespread college football teams' fan bases are.

From May, an amazing review calls the Paw Patrol movie "the latest shadowy attempt to normalize state-sponsored thuggery."

Listen: A mashup of 46 recordings of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring.

Selections from film critic Arbogast's horror-movie screengrab series, "31 Screams."