Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Bikini (over)kill

Details on what’s inside the Republicans’ delayed $1 trillion stimulus bill as they enter negotiations with Democrats, who prefer the $3 trillion plan they passed back in May. / NPR

To make Trump care more about the coronavirus, advisors present him with maps showing spikes in cases among “our people.” / The Washington Post

A reporter games out a slightly doom-y pandemic question: what if these are the good old days? / The Associated Press

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Mayors of six US cities appeal to Congress to make it illegal for the White House to deploy militarized federal agents in places that don't want them / Politico

Bill Finnegan goes long to explain how police unions oppose improvements. / The New Yorker

When New Zealanders march for Black Lives Matter, they're also protesting against racist policing of Māori people. / MEL Magazine

In a broad field of corporations using activism as window dressing, Ben & Jerry's actually (mostly) gets it right. / Bloomberg Businessweek

Since 1994, rightwing extremists have carried out attacks in the US that left at least 329 victims dead. Deaths from attacks by leftwing extremists? One (he killed himself). / BBC News

Experts say the public is more receptive to conspiracy theories during catastrophes, especially when institutions amplify them. / Vox

“If you've received a mysterious package of seeds in the mail lately, don't plant them.” / CNN

Surgeons post photos of themselves in bathing suits after a study criticizes female doctors for appearing on social media wearing bikinis or drinking alcohol. / The New York Post

Afghan women campaign for the right simply to use their names in public—a problem that basically begins at birth. / BBC News

In Japan, a large dam is being built almost entirely by robots. / Nikkei Asian Review

"The road to building a good all-terrain wheelchair is littered with broken axles, gravel road rash and uncomfortable ergonomics." / Outside

In addition to all of his travel shows, Anthony Bourdain briefly starred in a series about crafts. / The Morning News

Insiders say the "moldy jam" story at beloved LA restaurant Sqirl is a microcosm for issues plaguing the wider industry. / The LAnd Magazine

For your weekly soothe, an animation shows some of our solar system’s smallest moons as compared to cities on Earth. Or how about a pioneering example of stop-motion animation? / The Morning News

Here are some pictures of a F.M.R. TG 500 Tiger minicar. / Uncrate