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Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: Brewster’s billions

Governors in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, and Oregon announce the end of their statewide school mask mandates. / CNN

Anya Kamenetz: A post-masking consensus may be closer than it appears. / NPR

A thrifty billionaire, who's only making money in order to give away even more, feels misunderstood. / The Washington Post

Related: The super wealthy versus the merely rich. / The Big Picture

An American hacker, annoyed at being hacked by North Korean agents, takes down the country's internet from his living room. / WIRED

Why doesn't math have a replication crisis? Possibly because mathematicians are "in the habit of checking whether a result is too good to be true." / Jay's Blog

A "communications error" caused a Las Vegas slot machine to malfunction, leading a man to be unaware he won a massive jackpot. / NBC News

For a thousand bucks, a plane in Vegas will fly you around for 45 minutes while you have sex. / The New York Times

A passenger-level view shows what it was like to ride the Wuppertal Schwebebahn, the world's oldest elevated electric train, in 1902. / The Morning News

Photographs of "dibs" in Chicago, or things used to mark a parking spot carved out of the snow and ice. / The Chicago Tribune

See also: A film of skateboarders riding around highways and streets in Los Angeles where all of the vehicles have been edited out. / The Morning News

The media keeps trying to kill off the mini-bar, but even with today's around-the-clock delivery options, sales are up. / The Washington Post

Amateurs help researchers decipher some of Charles Dickens's coded manuscripts. / BBC News

Rebecca Mead relates what it's like to watch her US-born son learn "Multicultural London English." / The New Yorker

Photographs of people who are unrelated but look like twins. / Kottke