Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Brexhumed.

With nine days to go until Britain's scheduled EU departure, Boris Johnson will try and gain support for his Brexit deal and push it through Parliament. If unsuccessful, Johnson says he'll call for a general election.

Trudeau wins reelection in Canada, though without the majority government he enjoyed after his 2015 landslide election.

Facebook announces it’s removed multiple disinformation networks tied to Iran and Russia, and announces new measures to curb the spread of false information ahead of the 2020 election.

Northern Ireland has decriminalized abortion and legalized same-sex marriage, effective at midnight last night.

Ahead of the first federal trial over the opioid crisis—set to begin yesterday—three US drug distributors and one manufacturer agreed to a tentative settlement amounting to around $260 million.

"The farther away someone was from a Level I or II trauma center when they were shot [in NYC], the more likely they were to die."

The Trump administration has issued its proposal to authorize collecting DNA from undocumented immigrants in detention.

White-hat hackers created Alexa and Google Home skills that eavesdrop on users—and passed Amazon and Google's security checks.

The nation's first homeownership program for African Americans didn't just backfire—it was designed to fail.

The Church of Scientology and its members have been buying up real estate in downtown Clearwater, Fla., at a surprising rate.

Physarum polycephalum is a slime mold "capable of advanced decision-making, learning, and long-term memory storage."

For the first time in 30 years, the twin birth rate in the US falls—possibly from advancements in assisted reproductive technology.

See also: “The Age of Mechanical Reproduction” by Paul Ford.

“Dunking on people is now the prevailing mode of Twitter interaction.” How the Discourse—the unruly, ongoing conversation on Twitter—continually alters perceptions, as well as itself.

The upside of being ratioed on social media: It's a sign of having the courage to share one's convictions, which is so rare.

A writer experiments with turning over every aspect of her family’s needs to algorithm-driven subscription services.

On rotoscoping, the Texas-born and -bred animation technique from Undone, A Scanner Darkly, Waking Life, and Tower.

"IKEA is a place of transition, a journey, a source of light and comfort, but also strife." An IKEA-themed tarot deck.

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“This isn’t so much a book as a blueprint of how to completely destroy a country.” Someone in London has been wrapping copies of David Cameron’s memoir with fake dust jackets.

The world’s first published travel guide is a 15th-century book that gave the West an accurate glimpse of Jerusalem and Venice.

Archival photos of people in ghost costumes.

"The first large human coffin cache discovered in more than a century." Archaeologists find a set of 30 mummies in Luxor.

Classic horror movies to watch at Halloween.