Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: Canceling Betsy Ross.

This month marks the longest US economic expansion on record, and the longest stretch of monthly job gains.

Most of those jobs are in the service sector, doing little to lift communities suffering lost manufacturing jobs.

A good headline to summarize the weekend in diplomacy: “Trump Helps Bring Shunned Authoritarians Back In From the Cold.”

See also: George Soros and Charles Koch team up to end the United States’ policy of “forever war.”

In a private Facebook group of roughly 9,500 members, Border Patrol agents share jokes about migrants’ deaths and vulgar images of lawmakers.

For Independence Day, Trump wants to be surrounded by generals and tanks.

Related: Nike cancels the July 4th release of “Betsy Ross” sneakers to avoid being associated with white supremacists.

"Things are happening that are not supposed to happen.” A report from the fastest-heating city on Earth.

Manufacturing cement is responsible for 7% of global carbon dioxide emissions—more than what comes from all of the world's trucks.

A very specific census finds that Central Park is home to approximately 2,373 eastern gray squirrels.

Graffiti has been "defanged, coopted, and commodified," with cities like London and Buenos Aires installing "public paint parks."

A summer camp lake monster for Generation Z: Aram Bartholl’s “Obsolete Presence,” a giant iPhone in a lagoon.

The medium for California artist Peggy Noland is other people's cars—to wrap in fur or shiny materials.

Just, you know, a weird but good profile of Roger Federer from inside a private jet.

Cori Gauff becomes the youngest player to win a match at Wimbledon since 1991 by defeating her idol Venus Williams.