Tuesday headlines: Cerebral vortex

Climate change and the rapid evolution of mosquitoes are driving up malaria deaths. / The New York Times [+]

Related: A cheap malaria vaccine that can be produced on a massive scale has been recommended for use by the World Health Organization. / BBC News

In light of yesterday's Nobel winners, the story of mRNA (from 2020): "How a once-dismissed idea became a leading technology in the Covid vaccine race." / STAT

A trio of physicists win the Nobel for exploring "tiny glimpses of time." / Quanta Magazine

Adam Mastroianni: "I hereby invite every curious human to do science and post it on the internet." / Experimental History

"Mid." "Ngl." "TTYL." A sample of 690 additions made recently to Merriam-Webster's dictionary. / Merriam-Webster

Josh Glancy: Whether you say bagel or beigel "depends on what kind of Jew you are." / The Jewish Chronicle

Some tips on how to avoid an online-shopping vortex. "Enchanted cases are under threat in our deeply disenchanted e-comm era." / Blackbird Spyplane

Hotel review of the Intercontinental in Kabul, Afghanistan's first luxury hotel, currently in the hands of the Taliban. / The NZZ

Ten months before the Olympics, bedbugs are prevalent in Paris, even riding the trains. / CBS News

Unrelated: Data on the life expectancy for selected house pets. / Flowing Data

Silent film culture—with skilled live performers—is alive and well in Japan. / Peter Tasker