An astonishing story of Afghans seeking refuge in the United States after crossing the Darién Gap. / The New York Times

A Ukranian refugee moves back to Kyiv because living in Ohio is worse. / Talking Points Memo

A fake image showing an explosion near the Pentagon goes viral on Twitter after being shared by verified news accounts that are also fake. (Here's the image.) / Politico, Twitter

Seven Western states that depend on the Colorado River reach an agreement on cutting water use. / The Los Angeles Times

Profile of a gay bar's final days in small-town Tennessee. / 1843 Magazine

Suicide rates are dropping around the world, though not in the US, partly thanks to our guns. / Wired UK

The US surgeon general warns that social media "can have a profound risk of harm to the mental health and well-being of children and adolescents." / The Verge

Internet trolls in China use pictures of uniformed American cops to harass Black residents. / rest of world

Examples of art that sold big at this year's Frieze art fair in New York: work by Robert Longo, Doris Salcedo, Lauren Halsey. / Artsy 

For $250, you can buy a jar of honey culled from beehives placed in celebrities' gardens. / The New York Times 

Unrelated: City guides for coffee snobs. Also, Starbucks is switching to pebble ice. / Sprudge, Food & Wine

A few thoughts on how AI fortunes are being made: "Take everything everyone has ever learned and put it in a little box labeled 'mine.'" / Dog Jail