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Tuesday headlines: Church and destroy.

Peaceful protesters near the White House were gassed and shot so the President of the United States could have a photo op in a church after threatening to rain down military force on his own citizens. 

The New York Times takes widespread heat for treating the moment blithely on its front page.

After a seventh day of largely peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd, another night was marked by chaos in US cities.

An edit of security footage, witness videos, and official documents shows how a series of actions by police officers killed Floyd last week. 

See also: An independent autopsy commissioned for Floyd’s family contradicts the official report.

The police chief for Los Angeles says looters share the blame for George Floyd’s death. His subsequent apology says he “misspoke.”

Some police officers show solidarity with protesters by taking a knee. Others’ brutality is proving to be a public health crisis.

“We have to change our profession,” says a former CIA officer who became a cop. “We aren’t warriors. We aren’t at war with our neighbors.”

A list finds at least 50 separate instances of US law enforcement deliberately targeting journalists during recent protests. A photographer describes being attacked in Minneapolis.

Photographs of protests are proving to be fertile material for disinformation online.

Painter Jammie Holmes flies Floyd's final words behind airplanes over Detroit, Miami, Dallas, LA, and New York.

Frustrations felt by many black people go far beyond policing, not to mention the partisan wars that define the Trump era—because these demonstrations will end at some point, but our racist past and present will still be here.

Related: a quick history lesson for anyone struggling to comprehend the scale of racial violence in the United States.

Pianist Igor Levit livestreams Erik Satie’s “Vexations,” a solo of four lines repeated 840 times, to evoke the crisis facing artists during the pandemic.

The FDA’s emergency authorization of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine appears to be a result of pressure from the White House.

Germany, Vietnam, and New Zealand have reopened schools, with some students administering coronavirus tests on themselves.

Meanwhile, cases spike in Iran and go ignored in Moscow. Spain reports no virus deaths for the first time since March. In the US, the pandemic is both waning and raging.

A list of global crises to keep in mind while countries are battling COVID-19.

A moving profile of Marga Griesbach, a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor who set off for a worldwide cruise back in February.

“Wrong question, lady.” Roxane Gay's advice for a woman who's worried about rehiring her house cleaner.