Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Circling the square.

Hacked files from Xinjiang reveal new evidence of abuse of Uyghurs at detention camps, including a shoot-to-kill policy for escapees. / Bloomberg

From 1825 to the present day, France and the US have bilked Haiti's economy out of billions of dollars. / The New York Times

According to a study, climate change made the extreme heat wave in India and Pakistan in March and April 30 times more likely to occur. / The Washington Post

See also: Higher temperatures from climate change are making it harder to sleep—on average, people are now awake an extra 44 hours a year. / The Guardian

Pfizer/BioNTech says three doses of their vaccine for children aged six months to five years produces a similar immune response as two doses in 16- to 25-year-olds. / CNN

Starbucks is leaving Russia, closing 130 locations that make up less than 1% of the chain's revenue. / CNBC

See also: In response to sanctions, Moscow is propping up the ruble, resulting in it becoming the best-performing currency of 2022. / Quartz

Biden was instrumental in the now-expired 1994 assault-weapons ban. But as VP and president, he's been ineffective on gun control. / The Washington Post

Related: An upcoming Supreme Court ruling on concealed carry in New York could be the "most disastrous—gun-law decision in a decade." / The New Yorker

At least 44% of sitting Republicans in swing states attempted to discredit or overturn the results of the 2020 election. / The New York Times

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"If you could really stimulate people's creativity at scale, what new online worlds could we create?" Why we need a public internet. / The Verge

Watch: How to make a museum-worthy diorama of Yellowstone National Park's Morning Glory Pool. / The Morning News

Pioneering street artist Miss. Tic, known for her stencils of women, has died at 66. / BBC News

"You're basically networking all day." In many ways, NFTs are changing music for the better. In other ways, not so much. / Pitchfork

Musical instruments recycled into art installations, by Willie Cole. / Hyperallergic

The music video for Max Cooper's "Symphony in Acid" is a generative website where typography meets mania. / Symphony in Acid

A soothing animated short by the Six N. Five design studio follows orbs as they illuminate and transform landscapes. / The Morning News