Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Deep in the heart.

The Kremlin says the Geneva Conventions would not apply to the two Americans thought to have been captured while fighting for Ukraine. / CBS News

A heartbreaking, infuriating examination of the footage showing Uvalde law enforcement's inaction on May 24 at Robb Elementary. / The Texas Tribune

Related: Families of the Uvalde victims demand the school board improve security and fire its police chief. / San Antonio Express-News

"Sometimes Brooke imagined her life if she hadn't gotten pregnant, and if Texas hadn't banned abortion just days after she decided that she wanted one." / The Washington Post

See also: Healthcare researchers face an uncertain future for their work in states where abortions may become illegal. / STAT

The Texas GOP's new platform insists Biden didn't win, Texans should vote on secession, and "homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle choice." / NPR, KHOU

See also: Contracts for businesses that want to work with the state of Texas require they pledge not to boycott Israel or "discriminate against" firearms companies. / Axios

According to leaked audio from internal TikTok meetings, the company's China-based employees regularly access US user data. / BuzzFeed News

"Animals are of interest only if they satisfy familiar human tropes of violence, sex, companionship and perseverance." Why we should view animals through their own eyes. / The New York Times

After 45 years in space—10 times longer than originally planned—Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 will begin powering down. / Scientific American

See also: An image sent to NASA by the Perseverance rover shows a piece of human trash—a thermal blanket—on the planet's surface. / The Guardian

Hong Kong's famous floating restaurant, closed since the start of the pandemic, has capsized in the South China Sea. / BBC News

The myth that buying lattes prevents you from affording a house started at the same time private-sector retirement pensions in America died. / The Hustle

"Take Rustling Leaf to Brush Run, then it's a right onto Perfect Hour." A survey of the inventive street names of Columbia, Md. / Atlas Obscura

Emily Blaster is an '80s-style edutainment game based on the poetry of Emily Dickinson created for Gabrielle Zevin's new novel. / Emily Blaster, The Guardian